Arthur Ward Centenary
1st July 2017

Remembering Arthur Ward

The Ranmoor Bell Ringer who died in the First World War

by Bob Rae 

Memorial Plaque as it would have originally appeared
Photo: Ranmoor Church & the War Memorial Photo: Ranmoor Church & the War Memorial

Ranmoor’s Fallen
Parishioners who gave their lives
in the First World War

See also Arthur Ward Memorial Plaque 1919 article

The Ranmoor memorial is a stone cross of Cornish granite, in the church grounds,
with 58 names of those who fell in the Fiirst World War recorded on it.
These men are listed below.

Names on East Side
Photo: Ranmoor Church War Memorial
Names on West Side
Photo: Ranmoor Church War Memorial
Joseph Etchells Maurice Barber
Edward Watkin Colver
Arnold James Beal
William P Taylor TA Skinner
Leslie Faber Hobson
Harry Neill
Norman Sales
Arthur Ernest Biddulph Plant
Basil Perrin Hicks
Joseph Plant
Reginald Douglas Berry
Maurice A MacFarren
Kenneth Leonard Cole
Ernest Ronald Shuttleworth
John Leadbeater
Victor Marks
Franklin Holland
Nelson Waterfall
Wilfred John Smith
Harry Ellis
Albert Edward Gautier
Sam Scott
Frank Johnson
John William Goulder
Fred Dawson
Alan Faber Hobson
Arthur Ward
Joseph Ernest Gill
Henry Colver
Robert Chadwick Bowling
Hubert E Beckett
John Henry Wild
Lachlan Allan Morrison
Christopher D Benson
Charles William Groves
Audsley Ralph Carter
Harry Walker
John Lomas
George Gosney
Frank Cramp
Arnold Etchells
Frank William Dust
Albert Kenneth Wilson
Joseph Goodison
Frank William Scott
George Ernest Barnes
Sidney Wild
Algernon Sydney Smith
Francis Herbert Gautier
William Bower
Ernest Gosney
William Leadbeater
Herbert Graham Barber
Reginald Carlisle

Albert Lovell
Harvey Beal

Joseph Plant, age 30, was the son of the Ranmoor bellringer William S. Plant.

The above names can also be found at
the Ranmoor Society and  Sheffield Soldier WW1/Memorial/Ranmoor
both of which contain further details of the men inscribed on the Memorial.

There is a further brass memorial plaque on the south pillar in the church with 59 names on it
(including additionally Fred Sanderson who died of his wounds after the war).
These names can also be found here Sheffield Soldier WW1/Memorial/Ranmoor Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour book in the church has 60 names in it from WW1,
the additional entry being John Smith, who died later of his wounds.

Photo: YACR fallen Members

The Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers
annual report for 1920 (vol42-45), lists (on p118)

those Members of the Association
who fell in the Great War 1914-18.
Photo: CCBR Memorial Book end page Photo: CCBR Memorial Book Arthur Ward Photo: CCBR Memorial Book Title

The Central Council
of Church Bellringers (CCCBR) Memorial Book

commemorating those Ringers
who fell in WW1.


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Versions of this article have appeared in:
  Inspire (Ranmoor Parish Magazine, June 2017),
  The Ringing World (June 16 2017, RW5538:0596 and Roll of Honour 23 June 201, RW5539:0623), and
  The Star, Sheffield (01/07/2017) Brief  article online, fuller article in print in Retro section, and
  Hallam News, Aug 2017 Ed331, p12, and
  ITV Calendar news, 1st July 2017.

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